Let me introduce the crew:
My name is Jim Leuthold ~
The people below are the heart and soul of Central Coast Smokers,
and without them none of this would be possible!

BBQ Suzie-Q
Sue Leuthold works her magic behind the scenes and is our salad
specialist to boot!

BBQ Kevin
An up-and-coming chef himself, Kevin Leuthold makes our dry rubs
and contributes to the team in many other capacities.

BBQ Bill
Adding international diversity to our crew, Bill Dy is well versed in
the many styles of BBQ and his love of food inspires us all!

BBQ Steve
Steve Briner provides invaluable assistance and helps to keep things
running smoothly. Truly a hard worker and great friend!

Rod VanArtsdalen has been smoking meats and fish for as long as I
can remember. His knowledge and culinary skills are matched by few.

BBQ Matt
Matt Lackie plays an integral part in our internet presence.
Many Thanks to the Lackie family!

BBQ Frank
Frank Moreno builds and sells Bar-B-Ques and has been part of our
family for years. We love ya Frank!

BBQ Aaron
Aaron has worked our Bar-B-Que with finesse and style.
Our confidence in him is unmatched.
Although he’s 2,500+ miles away he can work with us anytime!

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Marco brings many diverse culinary talents
to Central Coast Smokers catering.

Megan & Ryan
Megan & Ryan

Ed Albert
Ed Albert Queing Pork Tenderloin at Chuck & Carrie’s wedding. Yum!

Bob, David, Eric & Jim
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